Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

Nov. 20 Drop In: Pandemic

pic1534148_mdAt Drop In on November 20, we’ll be trying out a board game that is new to us called “Pandemic”.  It’s a cooperative game – all players work together to beat the game,  in a race against virulent diseases taking over the world. My geeky, science brain is getting excited – bring on the microbes!

As always, we’ll take the time to introduce ourselves (a good opportunity to try out a different name or pro-noun), and catch up with what’s new.  And, of course, we have snacks.

Drop In runs from 6:30 – 8:30, in room 128 of the Louis Millet Community Complex, 9489 Commercial Street, New Minas.  Follow the VYP posters to the room with the rainbow flag on the door. LBGT youth  25 years and younger, and your friends, are welcome.

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