Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

Jan. 15: It’s a New Year

 Join us at the next Drop In on January 15, 2014 to welcome the New Year.  We’ll catch up with  our  holiday adventures and consider what this new year might bring us.  If you’ve not been to Drop In before, we just take some time to introduce ourselves, by however we want to be called, and then listen to each other’s news.  As usual we’ll have refreshments, and the games tables are set up for ping-pong, foosball and air-hockey.

Drop In runs from 6:30 – 8:30 in room 128 of the Louis Millet Community Complex in New Minas.  If you have any questions,  use the “Contact Us” button, or leave a comment. Comments are reviewed before  being published.

We welcome all GLBT youth, 25 years and younger and your friends.

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