Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

Horton High Rainbow Prom

If you’re a student at an Annapolis Valley school, you’ll want to save the date for this one. Horton High is hosting a “Dance for People of All Genders and Sexualities,” and it’s coming up soon. They’ve got a gorgeous full-colour poster you can use to help promote the event, too, but in case it’s not readable on your device, details are below.

Rainbow Prom

What: Rainbow Prom

When: Friday, June 6, 7pm to 10pm

Where: Horton High

Who: Annapolis Valley students of all genders and sexualities

How Much: $4


Get yer tickets at the door or email, and don’t forget to bring your student ID.


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  1. […] you probably already knew that there is a Rainbow Prom happening at Horton High on Friday June 6, organized by the Horton High […]

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