Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

Update from The Youth Engagement Team for the Sexual Violence Strategy
The staff of HeartWood and Leaders Of Today are deeply saddened at the loss of an incredible champion for youth in our community, Leighann Wichman, our colleague and our friend.

Leighann was a founding member of The Youth Project and it’s only Executive Director. Her strong quiet guidance, steadfast dedication and the incredible depth of care she gave made her one of the most influential advocates for the LGBTQ community in Nova Scotia and beyond. The impact of Leighann’s personal and professional life will forever ripple out; she has saved lives, changed attitudes and built bridges of support, love and solidarity.

Leighann’s passing is a loss of enormous proportion felt deeply by those whose lives she touched. Our little team is made up of but a few of the very many mourning the loss of such an incredible community hero.

Our deepest condolences and thoughts go out especially to Leighann’s family, closest friends, and The Youth Project.

In respect of this news, we are rescheduling the LGBTQ youth conversation in New Minas from Tuesday, October 21st to Friday, December 12th. We believe it is important to make as much room as we can for the community to support one another during this difficult time.

We appreciate all of your compassion and understanding with regards to this decision. All other conversations across the province will proceed as scheduled and we are available to answer any questions folks may have.

Bri, Tamsyn, Louise and Rena

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