Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

If you could change anything… what would you do to make it safer, healthier, and happier for GLBTQ+ youth in the Annapolis Valley?  What about in your neighbourhood or school, in the province, in the world?

Tim will be giving a presentation in March to community leaders and interested members of the public.  He’s looking for your ideas about what they can do, change, or prevent to make our world a better place.  What would you say?  Who do you think needs to hear it?

We’ll also be joined by Louise Lyman from Heartwood, a Nova-Scotia-based organization that promotes youth-directed community development. Louise is a program co-ordinator for Leaders of Today and will fill us in on what the province is doing to make their sexual violence strategy respond to the needs of GLBTQ+ youth.

Have your voice heard, and your ideas used to create positive change in NS.  Enjoy some great company, conversation, and snacks at the same time.  See you then!

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