Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

There is a public talk on queer comics coming up on Thursday.  The talk is being given by Sfé R. Monster, a Halifax-based artist who writes, draws, scripts and designs — “with a focus on gender, queerness, genderqueerness, and a strong sense of all things Canadian.”


  • Thursday, Jan. 29th
  • 1:30pm -2:45pm
  • Acadia University Campus (Main St., Wolfville)
  • Patterson Hall room 224

To find Patterson Hall, check the Acadia Campus map and look for building #24.

Sfé’s Work Online

Eth’s Skin  is a “(queer) weekly webcomic about mermaids, selkies, and sea monster living in the old growth forests of British Columbia.”

Seven Stories from the Sea is a “comic about growing up, coming out, and falling in love in Eastern Canada.”

Kyle and Atticus is a “(gender)queer comic about a kid named Kyle, and a robot named Atticus.”

Sfé also edits The Beyond Anthology, a queer sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology.

Sfé R Monster Public Talk Poster

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