Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

The Canadian Safe School Network is hosting a discussion about overcoming stigma, mental health, support and what it means to be LGBTQ in high school  Events occur across Canada, and Acadia University is hosting an event for students in the Annapolis Valley.  You must register to attend. The details are at this website

Comments on: "May 25: LGBTQ Think Tank" (4)

  1. In regards to the Think Tank on May 25th, I am a guidance counsellor that will be driving two of my students to Acadia. Are the adults allowed to assist?
    Lise Petrie

  2. Mylene DiPenta said:

    Bonjour Lise,

    Great to hear that your students will be participating. It sounds like you’re wondering if adults can participate, or if there is some kind of activity or gathering for adult supporters. Is that right?

    I wish I had that information myself! The Valley Youth Project received this notice recently but we haven’t been involved with the planning, so I don’t have any additional information. The Safe Schools Initiative (the national organization co-ordinating this project) has a phone number on their main page: 416-977-1050

    They also have a web form where you can contact them.

    Good luck, and hope you and your students have a great experience!

  3. The submit button on the permission form doesn’t work….what else can I do to send the information over?

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