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Queer Prom: June 14


Friday June 14th, 8-11pm at the Mayflower Curling Club (3000 Monaghan Drive). 

Queer Prom is for 2SLGBTQ+ youth and their allies, 19 and under. Entry is $5!

The theme for Queer Prom is 80’s! Get ready to don your neon, big hair, leg warmers, patterns & colours! It’s going to be a totally tubular night!

Accessibility information:
The Mayflower Curling club can be accessed by stairs (6 steps) as well as a ramp to enter the facility. The main lobby is wheelchair accessible along with the ‘ice shed’ where the dance will be taking place. There is one accessible washroom in the main lobby.

There will be a more laid back area upstairs with less sensory stimulation (no DJ and no dance lights), where games will be available to play at tables with chairs. The upstairs area is unfortunately not accessible. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If the $5 entry fee is a barrier to your attendance at Queer Prom, you can send us an email to request to be on our VIP list. This list is reserved for individuals who are unable to pay. You will not receive a response when you email, but your name will be added to  the list. Contact is below:

Final Drop-in, June 5

20180413_193335 (1)

Join us for our last drop-in before summer break!

Are you new to the Valley Youth Project? Here are some things you might want to know:

Operating hours: From 6.30 until 8.30 on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of most months. In June, we meet only once.

Location: NSCC Kingstec at 236 Belcher Street in Kentville. We meet in the second floor cafeteria (there is an elevator available).

Who will be there: Drop-in is for 2SLGBTQ youth and their allies, 25 years of age and under. We have participants that range in age from pre-teens to young adults. Every session is different, but we typically have between 20 and 35 attendees. There are always a minimum of two adult facilitators (we will introduce ourselves).

Washrooms: There is one all-genders-welcome single stall washroom, and two gendered multi-stall washrooms available to us.

Food: We supply snacks every drop-in, usually vegetables, fruit, cookies, and juice. There is a filtered water fountain in the cafeteria.

Activities: We have a collection of board games, cards, modeling clay, puzzles, books, queer colouring pages, and some art supplies. (Many folks bring their sketchbooks). We also now have a facilitated Discussion Table for people who would like to chat about issues relevant to the 2SLGBTQ community.

Resources: We have a table dedicated to youth-serving organizations, and information on safer sex, consent, and substance use. Free condoms and pregnancy tests are also available every drop-in.

Transportation: We offer it free-of-charge to youth in Hants, Kings, or Annapolis County. Check out the “Transportation” page on our website and be sure to sign up 2 days in advance; that means you must book by the Monday before drop-in, no later than 3 pm. If you request a ride that you end up not needing, please let us know right away!

May 15 – You’re invited!

There are only TWO more sessions left before we break for the summer! Join us between 6.30 and 8.30 for social support, board games, and food. Our meeting space is located at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville and we offer free rides to any youth 25 and under in Annapolis, Kings, and Hants Counties. You must book transportation in advance; the deadline is the Monday before drop-in at 3 pm.

Did you know that drop-in has its own library? Our collection of 2sLGBTQ books is available specifically for drop-in participants–no library card needed! Books are on display during the session and available for checking out before leaving. Want to browse now? Check out our catalogue here.



We have this amazing anthology, edited by Sfe R. Monster and Taneka Stotts

Button-making night, May 1

We’re bringing back the button-press! You can create your own image or use one of oupronounr templates to make cool, qwearable art! Of course, we’ll have the regular colouring pages, clay, and board games on hand, too.

Need a lift? Don’t forget to book by Monday at 3. You can do that here.

Some other important details:

  • We met at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville from 6.30 until 8.30. Signs will point you to our space, the cafeteria.
  • There are two multi-stall gendered washrooms and one single stall all genders welcome washroom.
  • There is an elevator for second floor access.
  • Some of our participants have environmental sensitivities; please avoid using heavily scented products prior to drop-in.
  • We designate a section of the room for quiet conversation.

Hang with us on Apr 17

Drop-in continues, April 17! Join us in welcoming visitors from the NS Youth Project, located in Halifax. If you have any questions about summer camps or other YP programming, this is the session to ask!

Worried you will be the only new person there? At nearly every drop-in we have new people attending, so the group is forever changing! You can expect anywhere from 12 to 40 people in attendance; it varies every week.

Some other things to know about drop-in:

  • Drop-in is located at NSCC Kingstec at 236 Belcher Street in Kentville. Once you get into the building you will need to sign in and then just follow our posters.
  • We’re open from 6.30 – 8.30 pm, but you can come anytime in that period!
  • We operate on the first and third Wednesday of every month.
  • Drop-in is free, and so are the snacks!
  • Stuff we have: art supplies, super gay colouring pages, clay, books, puzzles, board games, cards, and Legos. We have lots of free info on safer sex, plus condoms and pregnancy tests.
  • We now have a Discussion Table where you can join a facilitated discussion about a topic relevant to queer and trans communities.
  • There is an all genders welcome single stall washr20190404_140757oom available as well as multi-stall gendered washrooms.
  • Questioning folks are most welcome!
  • A minimum of two adult facilitators, who are members of the community, will be present at every drop-in.
  • If you need a ride and live in Hants, Kings, or Annapolis County, we have you covered. Check out the “Transportation” page on our website to sign up for a free lift 2 days in advance. (Remember to call us and cancel if you book a ride you end up not needing, otherwise, we’ll be charged.)

Join us April 3

Did you know, there are only five more drop-ins before we break for the summer? So, be sure to join us this Wednesday for snacks, games, colouring, and conversation. You can find us in our regular space: the cafeteria at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville. Drop-in opens at 6.30, but you can arrive any time before we close at 8.30.

If you haven’t been to drop-in in a while, you might want to know that we now have a Discussion Table, for quiet, informal chats; this is a great way to meet and get to know new people.

Some other important stuff:

  • Drop-in is only held on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of the month.
  • We welcome 2SLGBTQ youth 25 and under, and their allies.
  • We often have over 30 participants, coming from Annapolis, Kings, and Hants Counti20181113_091926es.
  • We ask participants to maintain confidentiality after drop-in; not all participants are out to family and friends.
  • A minimum of two adult facilitators are present each drop-in; we will introduce ourselves at the beginning.
  • There are always healthy, gluten-free, and vegan snacks. And chips, of course.
  • We have free condoms, pregnancy tests, and sexual health resources.
  • If you need a ride, we can arrange that–at no cost to you. Booking must be done by Monday at 3.30. See our website for details.

March Break Drop-in on the 20th

Join us this Wednesday in our regular space at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville. We’re open from 6.30 until 8.30, but feel free to arrive anytime in that window. You’ll be asked to sign in at the front desk (there will be a sheet marked “VYP”) and sign out again when you leave. Not familiar with the Kingstec building? Don’t worry, there will be VYP signs directing y20190306_202620(1).jpgou to the second floor cafeteria.

Want to hang out and have a low-key chat with like-minded folx over snacks? Then, the Discussion Table is for you. This week, we’re continuing our talk about trans identities, but now looking at the various ways people transition and what that means to them. Whether you have a story to share or a question to ask, we invite you to grab a snack and sit with us at the table. (Want to join us, but don’t identify as trans? That’s ok, we welcome all respectful participation!)

As usual, our 2SLGBTQ lending library will be on display, along with free sexual health resources and information on local youth-serving organizations. We have colouring supplies, and board games, but if you have an activity or game you’d like to bring along to share, please do!

Do you have a question or comment? Contact the Valley Youth Project organizers here: