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Feb 28: Youth Education & Leadership (YEL) Starts!

The Valley Youth Project is offering an exciting all-new program for youth, 25 and under, who want to develop their leadership skills, work together, and change their communities for the better. The Youth Education and Leadership (YEL) Team will be meeting 7 times from Feb 28 until May 23 on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, from 6 until 9pm.
  • Starts Wed Feb 28.
  • Free!
  • Spaces are limited for a group size that will let us go deep into today’s issues, build trust, and make a difference.
  • Advance registration required by Feb 27 to reserve your spot.
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IMPORTANT: The YEL Team is not connected to drop-in; it is a separate event. You are not required to have attended drop-in to participate in YEL. Drop-in will be starting again in March — follow us here or on facebook for notifications!

New Here?

Welcome!  Below you’ll find news and events about the Valley Youth Project, an organization dedicated to connecting LGBTQ youth and our allies across the Annapolis Valley.  If you’re new, you might want to read more about who we are and why we’re here.

Drop-in on break for Jan & Feb!

change.jpgHello all and happy new year! We are taking your feedback from the Fish and Boulders visioning session held before the holidays and are now considering some changes to drop-in. One of these changes is going to be the physical space. As our group has grown, we have come to need a larger space than the one we currently occupy. For this reason, regular drop-in has been CANCELLED for January and February while we figure out the details of the coming changes and look for an alternate location. So, if you have any leads on great potential venues for drop-in, please let us know! At the same time, we are also planning some exciting leadership opportunities for youth; stay tuned for more details to come!

Dec. 6: Fishes and Boulders

question-mark-460863_1280We want to know what you think about Drop In. What do you like? What would make it better for you? Guest facilitator Al Cusak will join us at the December 6 Drop In to help us with activities to share your ideas for making Drop In a more awesome space.

All 2SLBTG+ youth 25 years and younger are welcome to join us Dec. 6, at 6:30-8:30 in Room 128 of the Louis Millet Community Complex. We’ll have snacks and door prizes.  To help make it comfortable for everyone,  please don’t wear scented products.

If you need a ride, request one here Transportation Request , by 3:30 PM on the Monday before Drop In.

Please note that this is the last Drop In for 2017. We’ll be back on January 17, 2018.


Research Participants Wanted

We are sharing this information on behalf of Dalhousie Graduate Student Emma Van Rooyen (School of Health and Human Performance) who is looking for participants for her graduate research project. See the poster below for details. To learn more about Emma Van Rooyen and her research visit  You can contact Emma directly by phone at (902) 300 3494, or by E-Mail at  This is not a VYP event, so please send any questions you have directly to Emma.

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Nov. 1 Drop In: Buttons

1f7026101448c7e269a67d4c1b5ad00dWe’re breaking out the Button Maker at our November 1 Drop In. You can create your own image or use one of our templates to make wearable art. Join us if this sounds like an activity you want to do.

Drop In runs 6:30-8:30 pm in Room 128 of the Louis Millet Community Complex, 9489 Commercial St., New Minas.

We’ll have snacks and drinks, and Guiding Principles to help make the space welcoming for all Queer and Trans youth 25 years and younger.  Also to help make the space more welcoming, please avoid wearing scented products. The LMCC is not a scent free building, but we can try to make our Drop In space as comfortable as possible for all.

If you need a ride, submit a Transportation Request, no later than 3:30 on Monday afternoon, and we’ll arrange a ride for you.

Oct. 18 Drop In: Drag Workshop

cfabd944009d8825be2ec00790502d59We will be hosting a Drag Workshop, with special-guest facilitators,  at our October 18 Drop In.  This workshop is an introduction to the elements of drag performance.  Participants will be able to design a number during the workshop, or simply engage with the information.
Drag is a performance art where people experiment with and explore gender in creative ways.  This can involve performing as a gender different than what the performer normally identifies as, or performing as a dramatized version of any gender.
So this is your chance to learn about Drag, or experiment with your own style.  We will also be hosting an actual Drag performance show for VYP participants in November, so if you wish, you will have a chance to practice your own Drag performance in front of a welcoming audience. Even if you’re not interested in doing Drag yourself, join us to see what it is all about, as Drag has a vibrant history in Queer culture.
Drop In happens from 6:30-8:30, in Room 128 of the Louis Millet Community Complex in New Minas.  If you need a ride, send us a Transportation Request, by 3:30 PM on the Monday before Drop In.