Making the Annapolis Valley a better place for LGBTQ youth and our allies

Feb 19: Cancelled!

There will be NO DROP-IN on Feb 19th. See you again on March 4th.


Next drop-in: Feb 5!

Our next meet up is on Feb 5, same place and time:  NSCC Kingstec at 236 Belcher Street in Kentville, beginning at 6.30, closing up at 8.30.  Posters will gayly guide you to our second floor meeting space.

Will this be your first time at drop-in? Not sure that it’s a good fit for you? Find out more here. If you have a question that isn’t answered on our website, feel free to shoot us an email at


Remember, if you need a free ride to and from drop-in, we have your back. Sign up by the Monday before drop-in (in this case, Feb 3) to book; if you need to cancel a booked ride, please let us know right away.


Kicking Off 2020!

Join us for the first session of the new year Wednesday, January 15th at NSCC Kingstec. Drop-in is open to all youth, 25 and under, who want to make the Annapolis Valley a better place for 2SLGBTQ+ communities. The doors open at 6.30, we close up at 8.30, and you can arrive and leave any time within that window.

Support people over 25 who would like to meet the volunteers are welcome to contact us and arrange to meet beforehand.  However, for the confidentiality and comfort of all participants, people over 25 are not permitted to attend drop-in, except for facilitators and invited guests.

Want to read more about what happens at drop-in? Want to attend, but don’t have a ride? We can help. 20180413_193335 (1)Check out the details here.



Happy Holigays

Drop-in is over for 2019; we resume on January 15 at the same time and place. See you in 2020!c7fcf9ab14eae828a8809c722c23d56d

Last Drop-in of 2019!

Join us for our final drop-in of the calendar year (that means NO DROP-IN on DEC 18).

Will this be your first time joining us? Check out the details below:

Location: NSCC Kingstec at 236 Belcher Street in Kentville. We meet on the second floor in the cafeteria. There will be posters to guide gayly along.

Who will be there: Drop-in is for 2SLGBTQ and questioning youth, 25 years of age and und20191127_145748er. There are always a minimum of two adult facilitators present; we will introduce ourselves and the guiding principles for the space near the beginning of the session. Don’t be surprised if there are lots of people; we often get over 30 participants.

What are the Guiding Principles?

  1. Consent: Use the names and pronouns people request, ask before touching people, respect each other and the other users of the college campus.
  2. Sober Space: Do not be intoxicated on any substance during VYP activities; prescription medication is of course ok.
  3. Good-Faith Co-operation: We all work together to make this a great space.  No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.

Accessibility: There is one all-genders-welcome single stall washroom, and two gendered multi-stall washrooms available to us. The building is wheelchair accessible; there is an elevator for second floor access. Please avoid using heavily scented products prior to or at drop-in. Do not bring scented products to drop-in.

Food:Free snacks! Typically, a selection of veggies, fruit, granola bars, and cookies.  We usually have orange and apple juice. The cafeteria has a filtered water fountain (please bring along your water bottle).

Activities: We have no formal activities. Many folks bring sketchbooks, or make use of our art and colouring supplies. Various board games are available, if that’s your thing. And we also have modelling clay (typically used for unicorn sculpting; see photos on our website or Facebook page.) A facilitated discussion table is a newer addition to drop-in; you can expect a topic relevant to queer and trans folks and a supportive environment.

Resources: We keep a small lending library that requires no membership and is dedicated for use by drop-in participants. Safer sex info, condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests are available and free. We also provide information on a variety of community resources that may be of interest to youth.

Transportation: FREE RIDES for folks in Annapolis, Kings, and Hants Counties. You must book your ride by 3 pm on the Monday before drop-in. See the website for more details.

Thanks to a donation from the NSCC Kingstec Diversity Committee, we are drawing for prizes next Wednesday during drop-in.  We have NSCC Pride t-shirts, Pride stickers, and lots of delicious trans-flag-covered chocolate bars from Peace by Chocolate. You only need to show up for your chance to win.

Will this be your first time at drop-in? Want to know if it sounds like a good fit for you? Find out more about what we do here.

For anyone who needs a (free!) ride, be sure to book your transportation by Monday at 3. If you do that, and then need to cancel, don’t forget to let us know!

Do you have questions that aren’t answered on our website? Email us here: <>. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


Many drop-in participants like to draw, paint, doodle, cartoon, sketch, and scribble! If you have one, why not bring your sketchbook along? If not, no worries, we have art supplies and paper, along with modeling clay and queer colouring pages.

20191101_174800 (1).jpg

The basic details about drop-in are below, but to get a better sense of what drop-in has looked like in the past, you can scroll through News and Updates.

We meet in the cafeteria of NSCC Kingstec campus in Kentville, at 236 Belcher Street.  The session runs from 6.30 until 8.30, but you can arrive and leave anytime within that window. And, if you need a (FREE!!) ride, we have you covered. You just need to fill out our Transportation Request by the Monday before drop-in, before 3.30 that afternoon. You can check out that page here.

A minimum of two adult facilitators will be present; we’ll introduce ourselves near the beginning of drop-in. Feel free to come say hi!

**We welcome all 2SLGBTQ+ youth 25 years of age and under and their allies.**