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The Valley Youth Project’s volunteers can present workshops to your classroom, staff meeting, conference, or other event.  The topic can range from an introduction to gender identity and sexual orientation, to a customized strategy session for the topics most important to you.  All workshops are participatory, while also respecting the safety and consent of all participants.

Our usual fees are as follows; however, we may be able to accommodate a sliding scale, particularly for non-profit organizations.  For more information, please contact us.

The workshop handouts, handbooks, and resources guides that we use are available free for download, printing and distribution, providing that credit is clearly given to the Valley Youth Project (including contact information), that they are not used for profit, and that the same permission to distribute is granted to the recipients.

Valley Youth Project Promotional Materials

Handbills — 1/4 page in colour  (PDF)



P-12 or Small Non-Profit

For-Profit and Large Institutions (Government, Churches, etc.)

Youth Group or Classroom Visit

Content and length to be determined with teachers and/or students

Sample workshop handout (PDF)

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Intro to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

This workshop welcomes those who are beginning to learn, but also offers in-depth discussion for people experienced with gender and sexuality issues.

Learn up-to-date language and ideas for supporting trans and gender-non-conforming people; understand the differences between barriers experienced by trans people and by lesbian/gay/bisexual people; and lay the groundwork for understanding how these issues arise in our society.

Max 25 people

Includes all of these:

  • Guiding Principles (PDF)
  • Skills for Building Alliance (PDF)
  • Respectful Language using the Gender Unicorn Model (PDF)
3 Hrs: $250 3 Hrs: $400
Creating Safer Spaces for 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Using the language and ideas from the Intro workshop, this is your chance to workshop scenarios from your own experience, develop action plans, and get feedback/coaching from peers and facilitators.

Max 25 people

Includes any one of these, customized to the experiences of the participants:

  • Building on Existing Skills (PDF)
  • Modifying an Intake Form (PDF)
  • Strategies for Trans Inclusion (PDF)

(Note: Introduction to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation or equivalent is a pre-requisite)

2-3 Hrs: $250 2-3 Hrs: $400
2SLGBTIAQ+ Resistance and Liberation Movements

Max 25 people

How have people resisted homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and colonialism in the past?  How is resistance happening today?  What can we learn from these movements, and how can we apply those lessons to our work?  This storytelling-based workshop invites participants to consider what we do and don’t learn about history, and how to hone our ability to find connections with resistance movements in many places and times.

(Note: Introduction to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation or equivalent is a pre-requisite.)

2-3 Hrs: $250 2-3 Hrs: $400
The Surprisingly Recent History of Homophobia, and its Relationship to Capitalism, Colonialism, and the Medical Model

Max 25 people

What if violence toward LGBTIAQ+ communities is less about sex or marriage, and more about land? How did our current medicalization and criminalization of gender and sex arise? Why were same-gender relationships suddenly made illegal in England in 1533 when they hadn’t been before?  What is the relationship to our collision course with environmental collapse?

This highly interactive workshop encourages people to choose from many different ways to engage.  No two participants will take exactly the same path through the available activities; you can choose to explore connections to land ownership and the environment, the Protestant Reformation and the Inquisition,  the invention of “whiteness” and the rise of enslavement, the birth of misogyny in its modern form, and/or how these ideas were central in the process of colonization (particularly via residential schools) in North and South America. We’ll look at uprisings throughout history and contemporary Indigenous resistance inspiration. Everyone is welcome to bring their pieces of the puzzle, and to join in a strategy conversation about how to use these interlocking ideas to open ourselves and our communities to the social change movements we need.

(Note: Introduction to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation or equivalent is a pre-requisite.)

2-3 Hrs: $250 2-3 Hrs: $400
Combined Workshop

Max 25 people

Any two of the above

5-6 Hrs: $350 5-6 Hrs: $550
Customized Workshop or Consulting

Coaching or advising on policy, specific scenarios, or advanced topics, such as LGBTQIA communities and barriers to health care access, politics of mental health, issues in education, etc.

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