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Welcome!  Below you’ll find news and events about the Valley Youth Project, an organization dedicated to connecting LGBTQ youth and our allies across the Annapolis Valley.  If you’re new, you might want to read more about who we are and why we’re here.

Feb 20 Drop-in Canceled!

See you next month! We’re sorry for the inconvenience!sfdf


We’ve had a donation of some amazing new items to add to our queer-themed library. These new zines come from a series called The Life and Times of Butch Dykes , by Eloisa Aquino, and they will be available for borrowing at Wednesday night’s drop-in (that’ll be Feb 20). If you’d like to browse our catalogue ahead of time, you can do that here. Remember, borrowing is free of charge, and no library card is needed.

Have you heard about the new Discussion Table? Think big, queer family dinner chat.  Our first topic was coming out, then, the following session, we talked about sex ed. This coming week, the topic is: transition. Transitioning can mean different things to different people, so whether you have questions to ask, or stories to share, we’d love if you’d join us! If you feel like doing some pre-reading, this article provides an interesting non-binary perspective on transitioning to get you thinking.

As always, we will have healthy snacks available, including gluten-free options. Also, board games, Lego, clay, and subversive colouring sheets will be on hand for folx to use. In the cafeteria where we meet there is a ton of table space, so feel free to bring along your art supplies, favourite board game, or your homework–there’s plenty of room to spread out.

And, we provide rides–check it out!

Queer and trans youth deserve to see themselves represented in sex education, but all too often this is not the case. At this week’s discussion table we’ll talk about sexual health education in schools: what is covered, and what is missing. Here are just some of the questions we’ll consider:

  • Is asexuality included when talking about orientations? How?
  • What would a bias-free curriculum look like?
  • What are your go-to resources for inclusive safer sex info?
  • What education do health providers need to be more welcoming?

We’ll also have a variety of print sex ed materials for review and discussion.20190201_091903

Drop-in is a mash-up of folks who are middle- and high-school-aged combined with people in or out of school in their early twenties. Wherever you fall in this range, we want to welcome you! We believe in building community with youth of all ages, so join us for some snacks, crafts, and super-gay conversation.

Not interested in chatting? No problem–we still have lots to do. There will be the regular craft supplies, colouring, modelling clay, and board games. Do you like to draw? Join the others and bring along your sketchbook.

Drop-in runs on the first and third Wednesday of the month, opening at 6.30 and closing at 8.30. Folks are welcome to join in and/or leave at any time within that window. We are located in Kentville at the Nova Scotia Community College Kingstec Campus. We offer free transportation to any youth 25 and under in Annapolis, Kings, or Hants Counties. For more information on booking a ride, please see details here.

Join us on Jan 16!

Happy 2019! Join us on Wed, January 16 for the first drop-in of the year!

We gather in the cafeteria of the NSCC campus in Kentville, at 236 Belcher Street.  Drop-in runs from 6.30 until 8.30, but you can arrive and leave anytime withifgn that window. And, if you need a ride, we have you covered. You just need to fill out our Transportation Request by the Monday before drop-in, before 3.30 that afternoon. You can check out that page here.

New for 2019: The Discussion Table! For those of you who would like to have deeper conversations about queer life and experiences, this is for you.  Each time we meet, we’ll have a different topic (published in advance on this blog) for the group to discuss; this time it’s the never-ending experience of coming out. Whether you’re out, not out, or only out sometimes with some people, it doesn’t matter, you’re welcome to join. We’ll talk about things we wish we had known about coming, and things we think others should know. Participation in this activity is voluntary; regular drop-in activities will still be happening.

If you have any questions about anything drop-in related, don’t hesitate to email Krista and/or Mylene at

Happy Holigays!

There will be no drop-in on January 2. We resume our regular schedule of the first and third Wednesday of each month on January 16. We’ll see you in 2019!20181220_105759

Join us for our final gathering of the year at our regular space, NSCC Kingstec in Kentville. We meet in the upstairs cafeteria. If you’re not familiar with the building, don’t worry, there will be VYP signs pointing you in the right direction.

As usual, our lending library will be on display. You can take a peek at what we have available here. Are there books we don’t have that you’d like to see in our collectirainbow_candy_canes_photo_sculptures-rd17b9e252ab94078958b6be7015f1cd3_x7saz_8byvr_324on? We’d love to get some recommendations! You can suggest a  purchase here.

Now that winter has come, it’s a good idea to check our Facebook or website before heading to drop-in. If school is cancelled in Kings County for that day, drop-in will be cancelled. If school is not cancelled, but the weather worsens during the day, we will make a decision about closure by 3 pm. You can receive automatic updates from us by signing up on our website.

Are you new to drop-in and have some questions? Are you a parent or teacher who has questions about our program or how to better support youth? We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us at

Just a reminder that due to road conditions, drop-in is cancelled tonight.  In general drop-in is cancelled when Annapolis Valley schools are closed.  We look forward to seeing you next time!